Our wide range of iron oxide and inorganic pigments are used by paint and coating formulators to provide durable, long-lasting color to all kinds of products. Our Natural and Synthetic pigments are used in a wide variety of interior and exterior coatings applications. These include Automotive, Coil, Construction, Industrial, Powder, Architectural, and Wood among others.

The color range for Coatings applications range from Blacks, Browns, Greens, Oranges, Reds and Yellows, as well as a wide variety of shades in between these colors.

Within Cathay Industries USA’s portfolio of pigments, there are three categories that help define how the pigment will perform in a customer’s dispersion formulation. These categories are called “Good, Better, and Best.” While the relative differences may be minor in some cases, matching your formulation’s material characteristics as close as possible will ensure both excellent performance and maximum value. Once we understand your performance and cost goals, we can recommend the right product and provide a sample for your evaluation.

Whether you have a material or cost issue, or both, we can help. For engineered pigments with exceptional performance, quality and value, give us a call or e-mail us today to get the conversation started.