Burnt Umbers

Burnt Umbers offer the best value in brown pigments. These materials are in high demand in the stain industry because of their transparency. Burnt Umbers have a reddish undertone and exhibit good heat stability.

Raw Umbers

Raw Umbers are also an excellent value in brown pigments and popular in the stain industry due to their transparency. Though they are not heat stable, raw umbers can be used to produce many warm gray tones. They are also used extensively by colorant houses to darken a color without seriously affecting its chromaticity.

Blended Brown Iron Oxides

Blended Brown Iron Oxides are created in a full range of browns by combining both natural and synthetic iron oxides. The properties of any given brown are determined by the properties of its raw materials; they often utilize a certain performance characteristic of one of their components to enhance the quality of the overall blend.

Van Dyke Browns

Hoover 778BN Van Dyke Brown is the world's best selling pigment for staining wooden products. It produces a very dark top color with golden undertone. Van Dyke Brown was traditionally manufactured using naturally occurring lignite. Unfortunately, lignite was difficult to disperse, had limited lightfastness, color strength, and was expensive. Hoover's research team found an alternate way to linearly match the traditional Van Dyke's color space and overcome the traditional pigment's short comings.