CathayTherm™ ZF15


CathayTherm™ ZF15 Zinc Ferrite is a high quality tan pigment, produced from high temperature calcination. This pigment is suited for use in applications with temperature changes, and has excellent weather- ability, UV and chemical resistance, being considered a permanent pigment.

ZF15 Zinc Ferrite is compatible with most polymer systems, finding a wide range of use in plastics. This pigment is part of Cathay’s “Better” series of Oxides, and as such can be dispersed to a 5 Hegman on high speed equipment. In addition to plastics, it can also be used for paints, inks, adhesives, roofing granules, and rubber products.

Color Properties

Color Group Yellow
Color Index Pigment Yellow 119
Pigment type Tan Zinc Ferrite
Quality Better
Heat Stability 427°C/800°F
Manufacturing Type Synthetic Iron Oxide
Recommended Applications
  • Coatings
  • Plastics